月別アーカイブ: 4月 2012

#4 Sesshu Memorial Museum / 雪舟記念館

Caroline tells Ben about Sesshu Art.

Today, I went to the Sesshu Memorial museum. The museum has a lot of interesting art pieces created by Sesshu. There was also a nice rock garden that I could enjoy.  I learned that he travelled to China in the middle of the 15th century when he was 48 years old  He went there to study about the art of ink drawing.  When he came back from China, his ink drawing technique changed and he created some of his best pieces.  I also learned that he made two gardens in Masuda at Manpukuji and Ikoji temples.  I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Ben is looking at the Sesshu inspired stone garden at the museum.


art pieces
created by Sesshu
drawing technique
looking forward to

Caroline and Ben in front of the Sesshu Memorial Hall.


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#3 Manyo Park / 万葉公園

Today, I went to Manyo Park with Caroline. It’s on top of a hill. The view is very beautiful – we can see very far from there! I didn’t know how many things I could do there. Today, we played soccer together at the park and hiked to Lake Banryu. At the end of the day, we rested and drank at the tea house. It was my first time drinking matcha. I loved it! I want to come back again and see the spring and summer flowers.
It was a very fun day, but I’m very tired now! – Ben-


  • hill 丘
  • view 眺め
  • hike ハイキングをする

Ben is tired after playing soccer with Caroline.


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#2 Grand Toit / グラントワ

Caroline is telling Ben about the Grand Toit.

Today, I went to the Grand Toit museum and arts center. I learned that it was built in 2006 and used over 280,000 tiles. There are two concert halls, called Big Hall and Small Hall. The big hall has the largest stage in Shimane. The Grand Toit has many shows such as local theatre and music groups as well as world famous players and artists. It also has an art museum. The museum displays fashion and Iwami arts. In front of the building is a statue called “Orochi”. Orochi is a character in Iwami Kagura dances; it looks like a dragon-snake creature.
I’m looking forward to my next trip in Masuda. I love Kagura! – Ben-

Ben is counting all 280,00 tiles at the Grant Toit.

今日はグラントワ ミュージアム&アートセンターに行った。2006年の建造で、28万枚以上の瓦が使用されていることを学んだ。大ホールと小ホールの2つのコンサートホールがある。大ホールは島根で一番広い舞台を持つ。グラントワでは、世界的に有名な演奏家やアーティストはもちろん、地方演劇や音楽グループなどのショーが多くある。また、美術館もある。美術館ではファッションや石見の芸術を展示している。ビルの前にある像は「オロチ」と呼ばれている。オロチとは石見神楽に出てくるもので、ドラゴンスネークという生き物に似ている。

  • museum 美術館
  • tiles  瓦
  • theatre 劇場 劇団
  • music groups 音楽グループ
  • as well as ~はもちろん
  • displays 展示
  • In front of ~の前に
  • creature  生き物

Caro and Ben are standing next to the orochi statue in front of the Grand Toit.


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#1 Kakinomoto Shrine / 柿本神社

Caroline Meeting Ben at Hagi Iwami Airport.

Today, I went to Kakinomoto Shrine. It’s about 300 years old, but the history is longer. The first shrine was built on Kamoshima Island, near the end of the Masuda River. An earthquake struck the coast in 1026 and sank the island shrine, but the statue of Kakinomoto floated to a beach near Masuda and a shrine was built there. In 1681, the shrine and the statue was moved close to Takatsu River by Koremasa Kamei, the Lord of Tsuwano. Kakinomoto became the god of poems and had a power to avoid illness.
It was a very fun day. I’m going to enjoy Masuda very much. – Ben-

今日は柿本神社に行った。築300年の神社だが、歴史はもっと長い。最初の神社は。益田川河口近くの鴨島に建てられた。 1026年に地震が海岸を襲い、島の神社は沈んだが、柿本像は益田近くの海岸に流れ付き、そこに神社は建てられた。1681年、神社とその像は津和野藩主の亀井茲政により高津川近くに移された。柿本は、歌の神となり、病気除けの力も持つようになった。とても楽しい日だった。これからも沢山益田を楽しもう。ーベンー

  • end of the Masuda river 益田川河口
  • earthquake struck 地震が襲う
  • statue 像
  • floated 浮かぶ
  • beach 海岸
  • avoid illness 病気除け

Caroline and Ben at Hitomaro Shrine.


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