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#13 Hikimi Onsen / 匹見温泉

Caroline and Ben pose with the Tanuki by Hikimi Onsen.

Today I went to Hikimi onsen. It was my first time at an onsen! An onsen is a natural Japanese hot spring where you can bathe and relax. Onsen can be in cities, mountains, or even on beaches! This one was in a forest. Here, I enjoyed the many different kinds of baths. Inside was a hot bath, a cold bath, and a medicinal bath, as well as a sauna. There were also baths outside! At first, I was nervous to bathe in front of other people, but I had a very good time. I can’t wait to visit another onsen! – Ben –

Ben, don’t forget your soap!


hot spring

Ben is entering the Hikimi onsen.


#12 Masuda City Museum / 益田歴史民俗資料館

Caroline and Ben are trying out some of the exhibits in the museum.

Today, I went to the Masuda History and Folk Museum. I learned that the building is around 150 years old.  It used to be the county hall during the Taisho period.  The building is very beautiful. I think it has sekishu tiles, too!  Inside the museum, I learned about the early days of Masuda from over a thousand years ago!  I enjoyed looking at the maps of the old Masuda.  We also went to a special exhibit room where we could touch all of the displays.  It was exciting to be able to feel historical artifacts. I was surprised at all the history that Masuda has! I’ve really learned a lot since coming here. – Ben

Ben is trying on traditional geta sandals.

Ben’s feet are too big for geta sandals.

触れて見ることも出来ました。又歴史的な工芸品や、こちらに来て以来、物凄い歴史があるのに驚きました。 -Ben

county hall – 郡役場
early days – 初期の時代
displays- 展示品
historical artifacts – 歴史的工芸品
was surprised at ~   ~ に驚いた

Ben is fascinated by the model of old Masuda town.


#11 Lake Banryu / 蟠竜湖

Lake Banryu

Today, Caroline and I visited Lake Banryu near Manyo Park.  Its name comes from its unique shape, a twisting dragon.   People say it looks like a dragon, but I’m not sure what it looks like.  We rented paddle boats and went to many areas in the lake.  It was a great day to visit the lake.  After we finished riding the paddle boat, we fed the carp!  I’ve never seen so many fish fight for food!  They were many different colors: orange, red, white, gold, and black!  Some of them were really big, too!  I think the fish are so big because people often feed them. Today was fun, but I’m very tired! I’m looking forward to our next trip! – Ben

Ben and Caroline are feeding the carp.

The carp at Lake Banryu.

疲れたヨ ! 。次に訪ねる場所が楽しみだ。 Ben

unique –  変わった、特徴ある
twisting dragon  – 巻いている龍(ドラゴン)
paddle boats – ペタルを踏んで漕ぐボ-ト

Caroline is trying feed Ben the carp food.

Ben is getting into the boat.


#10 Tea Ceremony / お茶会

Green Tea and Sweets

Today I learned all about the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a very special event in Japanese culture. The host takes a lot of time to make a beautiful atmosphere for the guests.  Green tea came from China over a thousand years ago. However, Japan has made it part of its unique culture.  There are many types of tea and ceremonies in Japan.  I tried just one type of tea today, but I want to try more teas in the future.  I think that tea is a very important to Japanese culture! – Ben –

Caroline is teaching Ben how to hold the tea bowl.

今日は日本のお茶会について学びました。 日本に於ける茶会は特別な行事の一つです。主催者はお客さん又は招待者を素晴らしい雰囲気でお茶を飲み、歓談するため多くの時間をかけ、もてなします。お茶は1000年以上前中国から伝わってきましたが、日本は独特な文化として作りあげてきました。又日本の茶道はいろいろな形式(派)があります。今日はその一つをやってみました。お茶会は
日本文化の大切な事なんだと思います。 Ben

tea ceremony  – お茶会

Japanese culture – 日本文化

host  – 主催者

take time – 時間をとる

atmosphere – 雰囲気

unique – 独特

Caroline and Ben drinking tea.


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