月別アーカイブ: 7月 2012

#18 Great Maze / 巨大迷路

Ben and Caroline and writing their start time on the card.

I walked through my first maze today with Caroline.   We had a fun time, but it was extremely confusing because all of the walls looked the same.  It took us a very long time to go through the maze but we were able to go through it without having to use the emergency exits!  I was very surprised that Hikimi had such as giant maze!  I read that that this maze was copied from one in New Zealand!  I want to try it again and I hope that I can make it through faster than the first time.

Where shall we go?


Ben and Caroline can’t agree where to go.

Vocabulary – 

maze –  迷路
confusing  – コンガラガル、混乱する
emergency exits  – 非常出口
faster than —-より速い




#17 Hikimi Wasabi / 匹見わさび

Mr. Saito is showing Ben how wasabi is grown in Hikimi.

I learned a lot about wasabi today from Mr. Saito! I realized that real wasabi can only be grown along streams in the mountains. I’d never seen wasabi plants before! It is expensive to get real fresh wasabi, so  people often eat a plant that tastes very similar to it.  The wasabi in Hikimi is one of the famous foods of Masuda. They use it to cook in many different recipes such as soups and soba. When I tried it I felt like my nose was on fire, but it had a great taste.  Mr. Saito also gave us some wasabi to take home.  Thank you Mr. Saito!

Ben and Mr. Saito are picking the wasabi.


Freshly picked wasabi.

realized that - 判った、認識した。
stream - 沢、谷間、峡谷
fresh – 新鮮
similar – 類似、似たような
recipes – 料理法、料理の仕方

Ben, Mr. Saito and Caroline.


#16 Nakagauchi Rice Paddies / 中垣内の棚田

Nakagauchi Rice fields outside of Masuda City.

I went to the Nakagauchi rice paddies outside of Masuda City.  The road to the paddies is very rural and narrow, however the view of the rice paddies was beautiful!  The paddies went through the valley and up the mountains, I have never seen anything like them.  Japan is very different from my home in America.    Right now the rice is very small, however it will grow quickly during the summer months and ill be harvested in September.  I’m looking forward to eating fresh rice in September!  -Ben-

A few of the Nakagauchi rice paddies behind a hydrangea flower.


rice paddies  – 棚田(tanada)
rural – 田舎
narrow  – 狭い
harvested- 収穫、取り入れ


Ben and Caroline at Nakagauchi rice paddies!


#15 Tota Kakinomoto / 戸田柿本神社

The Tota Shrine Torii

The Tota Shrine Torii

Ben’s Diary
I went a small shrine that was the birthplace of Kakinomoto Hitomaro. I’ve realized that he’s very famous in Masuda!  I learned that the current priest is a distant relative of Hitomaro. He was brought up by his mother’s family, the Ayabe’s.  At first, the Ayabe family kept the shrine private, then it was opened to the public.  The wood carvings on the shrine were very beautiful, I took many pictures to send to my friends and family at home -Ben-

The wood carvings of Tota Kakinomoto Shrine.


Tota Kakinomoto Shrine

Tota Kakinomoto Shrine.

birthplace  – 生誕地
priest – 聖人
distant relative  – 脈々とした関連
wood carvings  – 木彫


Caroline and Ben are at Tota Kakinomot Shrine in Ono-cho near Masuda City.


#14 Mochiishi Beach / 持石海岸


Ben and Caroline are at Mochiishi Beach near Masuda.

Today, we spent the day at Mochi-ishi beach. First, we swam in the sea. The water was
very clear and refreshing. Then, we had a picnic on the beach and listened to the waves. The sounds were very relaxing! Last, we made a sand castle and collected seashells. It was a fun day, but my nose is sunburned.

– Ben

Caroline is spraying sunblock on Ben.

貝殻を拾い集めるたりの楽しい一日でした、–が日差しが強かったので私の鼻は日焼けしている。 —Ben—



Mochiishi Beach, Masuda.