月別アーカイブ: 8月 2012

#22 Hikimi Rest Park / 匹見キャンピング公園

Caroline and Ben are setting up the tent.

I spent the night camping at Hikimi Rest Park. It was my first time camping in Japan!  I saw a lot of interesting insects, and heard many animal noises.  During the day, Caroline and I went for a hike. After that, we had a barbeque.  Barbecues in Japan are different than in America.  I liked Japanese style because the pieces were small and I could eat many kinds of meat and vegetables  I had a great time camping and barbecuing. I hope I can do it again!- Ben-

Caroline is telling Ben about camping in Hikimi.

一晩匹見いこいの公園でキャンプしました。日本に来て、初めてのキャンブでした。たくさんの鳥や昆虫や動物をみたり、動物の鳴き声を聞いたり、たいへん興味深いものでした。キャロラインと私は散策もしました。バ-ベキュ-もしましたが、アメリカでするバ-ベキュ-とは異なり、小さく切った野菜や、何種類かの肉などいっぱい食べました。キャンプやバ-ベキュ-で素晴らしい時を過ごしました。もう一度したいもんだ!   —Ben—

spent the night – 夜を過ごす
insects – 鳥や昆虫
animal noises – 動物の音、声
are different than in America.  ~アメリカでするのと異なる

Caroline and Ben play Frisbee at the the campground.


#21 Dr. Sahachiro Hata / 秦佐八郎 博士 

Dr. Hata’s childhood home.

I visited Dr. Sahachiro Hata’s home today.   He was an important doctor during the Meiji Era.  He was born in Mito and went to medical school in Kyoto.  There, he worked with many important doctors.  Next, he went to Berlin, Germany to study in Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s lab.  While he was there, he discovered a drug called Arsphenamine. However, at the time it was called Salvarsan 606.  Today was an interesting day. I was happy to learn that a person from Masuda became a very well-knowndoctor. – Ben-

Ben and Caroline reading about Dr. Hata.

今日は、秦 佐八郎 博士の生家を訪ねた。博士は美都で生まれ、京都の医学大学に進み、明治時代の大変偉大な医者で活躍した人でした。そして、ドイツ・ベルリンに行き、Dr.Pau Ehrlich研究所で梅毒の特効薬・サルバルサン606を発見した。このような大変有名なお医者さんが益田から輩出されていたた事を知ってよかった。—Ben—
medical school  – 医学学校
lab  – 研究所
discovered  – 発見した
at the time  – その時
well-known  – 有名

A statue of Dr. Hata.


#20 Minoji / 興味深い

Minoji Farm House

Today I went to the Minoji Farm House. I’ve never seen a house so old! The Minoji family ran the copper mines around Mito. In the Edo period, this house was the center of business for the area. The people who owned this house were very rich – they had extra rooms in their house for samurai guests! The samurai rooms were much more beautiful than the regular rooms. It was fun to see such an important piece of Masuda history!

Guest room inside of the house.

このような屋敷は、益田市の歴史の大切な一端として見ることが出来た。 —Ben—

A museum to learn about farming in the past.

copper mine – 銅山
center of business – 仕事の中心地
regular rooms – 通常の部屋、一般的な部屋。
piece of masuda history – 益田の歴史の一端

Ben and Caroline enjoying a joke.


#19 Hikimi Gorge / 匹見峡谷

Hikimi Gorge

Today, Caroline and I went to Hikimi Gorge. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to in Masuda! The gorge was amazing and had a beautiful trail along it.  I spent a lot of time hiking, taking pictures, and looking for animals. The stream was very long, but was very beautiful.  I imagine that it would be even more beautiful during the fall.  I hope I can come back to see the fall colors!  – Ben-

Caroline and Ben at Hikimi Gorge.


amazing –  驚嘆、
stream – 谷間の小川
beautiful – 美しい
imagine that…   —–想像
fall colors – 秋の色(ここでは、紅葉)

Ben and Caroline look at the view of Hikimi Gorge from the bridge.