月別アーカイブ: 9月 2012

#26 Mito Fureai Hall / 美都ふれあいホ-ル

The beautiful stage curtain at Fureai Hall.

Today Caroline and I went to the Fureai Hall in Mito.  The hall can seat about 500 people, so it has a very comfortable atmosphere.  I was really impressed by the stained glass windows and the stage curtain.  The curtain had a beautiful scene from a Japanese folktale. I think that the hall is a great place for Mito people to enjoy a variety of arts and community events.  I saw that there is a kagura performance soon, I hope to watch it! – Ben-

Fureai Hall in Mito.


comfortable  – ゆったりする
atmosphere  – 雰囲気、環境
stained glass windows  – ステンドグラスの窓
stage curtain  – 緞帳

Ben and Caroline.


#25 Ground Golf / グラントゴルフ

Caroline is showing Ben how to play ground golf.

I learned how to play gateball today!  Gateball is similar to croquet. However there are some differences such as the shape of the mallet and the hole post.  In gateball the mallet looks like a club and the hole post resembles a golf hole.  I learned it became nationally popular in 1976 when it was demonstrated at a national fitness meet in Kumamoto City.  Since then, people from all over Japan started playing it.  Hidamari Park has a nice beautiful course, I want to come back back and play it again.  – Ben-

The ground golf course at Hidamari Park.


differences  – 異なっている、違い
mallet  – 木づち
hole post  – ホ-ルの処(ボ-ルを入れる処)
club  – クラブ(ゴルフ)
resembles  – よく似ている
nationally  – 全国的に
demonstrated  – 公開された、デモンストレ-ション

Caroline beats Ben to the hole.


#24 Hikimi Wood Park / 匹見森公園

Ben and Caroline are trying to put together a puzzle.

I went to the Hikimi Wood Park today.  I learned many things about Hikimi in the museum. There used to be a ropeway between Hikimi and Masuda. It was used to transport wood to Masuda to sell in the town.  The ropeway no longer exists, but I was impressed when I saw how big it was.  I also saw old artifacts from over 2000 years ago! I couldn’t believe it! There are also many wooden puzzles in the museum, so Caroline and I spent a lot of time playing with them! Some of them were very tricky!  – Ben-

Which piece is Masuda?


Ben is looking at the model of the old rope-way from Hikimi to Masuda.

ropeway  – ロ-プウエイ(木材運搬用)
transport  – 輸送、運搬
sell –  売る、売却
exists – 現存
impressed – 印象
artifacts  – 工芸品
tricky - 巧みな、頭をひねるような—、

Ben and Caroline in the main hall of main building of Wood Park.


#23 Mito Onsen / 美都温泉

Caroline and Ben entering Mito onsen.

I went to the Mito onsen today!  I learned that onsen are good places for community events, such as festivals, meetings and selling produce.  In Mito onsen, there were many vegetables, spices and other foods to buy.  It all looked very tasty!  After I took a bath, I tried a drink made from yuzu citrus. It was very refreshing!  I also tried a drink made from shiso.  I think I like the yuzu drink better than shiso drink. Trying new food is so much fun!

Vegetables for sale at Mito onsen.


Ben and Caroline are looking at the different jams made in Mito.

produce  – 生産する
tried a  —–を飲んでみる(or 食べてみる)

Ben and Caroline take a break to try Mito’s yuzu juice.