月別アーカイブ: 10月 2012

#31 Takatsu River / 高津川

Takatsu River

Today we went to the Takatsu River, the most famous river in Masuda! It was selected as one of the cleanest rivers in all of Japan in 2011. When I went today, I could understand why it was selected! The water was so clear that I could see all the way to the bottom! We saw Japanese people fishing for ayu, I want to try some soon.  I would like to visit the starting point of the river in Yoshika, I was told that the drive to Yoshika is very pretty!  – Ben –

Caroline is putting her feet into the Takatsu River.



selected – 選ばれた、評価された
clear – きれい


#30 Squid Boats / イカ釣り漁船

Mr. Ooka’s squid boat.

Today, Caroline and I went to look at  the squid boats, her friend, Mr. Ooka was there to tell us all about squid fishing.  I learned a lot about how they catch squid! About an hour before dusk, the fishermen take their boats out to sea. Then, they shine a large lights into the water to attract the squid. From the shore, you can just see the bright lights of the boats. Now, when I look at the Sea of Japan at night, I can imagine the fishermen catching squid.  – Ben

Caroline getting on the squid boat.

今日は、キャロラインとイカ釣り漁船を見に出かけた。キャロの友達、オオカさんからイカ釣り漁について教えてもらいました。イカをどのようにして集魚灯を使って取るか、夕暮れ時の約一時間前に出漁し、強力な大きなライトで水面を照らしてイカを集めるんだ事を知りました。日本海の漁火を見ると、漁民の人たちがイカを取っているんだナ-と思います。  Ben


dusk  – 夕暮れ時
shine  – 照らす、輝く
attract  – 集める、寄ってくる
shore  – 海岸
imagine  – 想像
catching  – 取る、釣る

Ben, Caroline and Mr. Ooka.


#29 Hagi-Iwami Airport / 萩・石見空港

Hagi Iwami Airport.

Today Caroline and I visited the Hagi Iwami Airport again. Its so convenient to have an airport in Masuda! I learned that there is daily flight to Tokyo. But in the summer, they also have flights to Osaka! In October the Hagi Iwami Airport marathon takes place on the runway and throughout Masuda.   It is the only marathon in Japan that starts on a runway! I think the race sounds challenging, but fun.  – Ben –

daily – 毎日、日々
race – 競技会、競争
runway – (ここでは)滑走路

sounds challenging  – チャレンジしてみるか—

Caroline and Ben playing with a plane at the airport.


#28 Sukumozuka Kofun / (スクモ塚)古墳

Sukumozuka Kofun

Today, Caroline and I visited Sukumozuka Tomb. I’ve never seen something so old before in my life! The tomb was very large: over 100 meters long! I learned that these types of tombs were built for very important people. The tombs come in many different shapes, but this one was shaped like a keyhole. It was nice to walk around and imagine life in Japan from so long ago!  – Ben-

Caroline and Ben are enjoying the view of Masuda from the top of the tomb.


tomb – 墓
shapes  – 外形
shaped  – 模られた
keyhole  – 鍵穴


#27 Sakura Dome / さくらド-ム

Today, Caroline showed me the Sakura Dome. It is a very useful place in Masuda! People often use it for sports tournaments and other events, such as all-night kagura. The space inside the dome is very wide! Inside, you can play many different sports, such as tennis and soccer. The outside fields are also used for races and soccer tournaments. The Sakura Dome is one of the most popular places for sporting events in Masuda!

Inside of the Sakura Dome.

useful  – 有益、有効
sports tournaments  – スポ-ツ競技会