月別アーカイブ: 1月 2013

#41 Miyake Odoi


Today, I learned all about the Masuda family when we visited Miyake Odoi. The Masuda family used to rule over all of Masuda. This place was a very important location in the 11th century. Masuda was known as a castle town, under the Nanao Castle. The Masuda clan was very strong, and fought many battles with other clans. I never knew there was so much history to this city! I’m looking forward to learning even more about this place.  Ben





#40 Japanese New Year’s/お正月

Today, I learned all about Japanese New Year’s. Unlike America, New Year’s is a time to relax and spend time with family. In Japan, they have many traditions for New Year’s. The Japanese have special food they only eat during this time, called osechi. They also send special postcards, called nengajo, to friends and family. They can draw seasonal drawings, write messages, or send pictures of family on the cards. Children in Japan receive money on New Years, called otoshidama. Today, I learned that New Year’s is a very important holiday in Japan.  –Ben


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