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#29 Hagi-Iwami Airport / 萩・石見空港

Hagi Iwami Airport.

Today Caroline and I visited the Hagi Iwami Airport again. Its so convenient to have an airport in Masuda! I learned that there is daily flight to Tokyo. But in the summer, they also have flights to Osaka! In October the Hagi Iwami Airport marathon takes place on the runway and throughout Masuda.   It is the only marathon in Japan that starts on a runway! I think the race sounds challenging, but fun.  – Ben –

daily – 毎日、日々
race – 競技会、競争
runway – (ここでは)滑走路

sounds challenging  – チャレンジしてみるか—

Caroline and Ben playing with a plane at the airport.


#5 Cherry Blossom Viewing / お花見

Caroline and Ben are preparing for a picnic under the Cherry Blossom trees.

Today, I had a hanami picnic with Caroline. It was a lot of fun! In Japan, friends sit together under the cherry trees while eating and drinking. They usually eat a bento lunch and drink sake. Sometimes it is during the day and other times it happens at night, paper lanterns are used for light. Cherry blossom season is around the end of March to the beginning of April, it usually lasts about a week. I’m glad I was able to do hanami this year. I hope I can do it again next year!

Caroline is giving Ben chopsticks to use for his lunch.


Ben and Caroline are looking at Cherry Blossoms.


picnic  –  行楽、遠足
during  —を通して
paper lanterns – 雪洞(ぼんぼり)