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#8 Ikoji Temple / 医光寺

Ikoji Garden.

Today, I went to see the Sesshu gardens at Ikoji Temple. I learned a lot about Japanese gardens! Every part of the garden is carefully chosen and has a certain meaning. The chosen rocks and plants look very natural. There are also many symbols hidden in the garden. The island in the pond is a turtle, which is a traditional symbol for long life.  Some gardens are designed to be viewed from a certain point and are unbalanced.  Most gardens are designed for all seasons and can be viewed anytime of the year.    Today was a fun day. I learned a lot about Japanese gardens. Maybe someday I’ll make my own garden!

Caroline and Ben at Ikoji Temple.


Ben is looking at the garden at Ikoji Temple.

certain meaning  – 確かな理由(意味)
symbols hidden – 背後にある象徴的な(意味、理由)
traditional symbol – 伝統的象徴

designed  – 作られた(ここでは作庭となる)

unbalanced –  非対称の(西洋の幾何学的対象の庭と異なるので)


#7 Manpukuji Temple / 万福寺


The garden was designed by Sesshu.

Today, I went to Manpukuji Temple. The temple was built in 1374. It’s very old!  My favorite thing about the temple was the Sesshu Garden.  It’s a very relaxing place.  I learned that the garden represents elements of Buddhism and that rocks are important for zen gardens.   I also learned that Manpukuji had a battle between the Tokugawa Shogunate and Chosu, a clan from Hagi City.  The battle was one of the first toward the Meiji Restoration.  You can see the marks of the battles on the pillars in the main hall.  I learned a lot about Japanese history today at Manpukuji.   I’m looking forward to seeing more Sesshu gardens.


The altar of Manpukuji Temple.


relaxing –    くつろぎ、穏やか、
elements of Buddhism  –   仏教の要素
Tokugawa Shogunate  –  徳川幕府
Chosu –  長州
meiji restoration – 明治維新
pillars – 柱
looking forward to —–   / —-楽しみに


Ben is looking at the bullet hole in the pillar that was left from the battle between the Tokugawa Shogunate and Hagi Chosu.


Ben and Caroline at look at the altar of the main hall in Manpukuji Temple.


#4 Sesshu Memorial Museum / 雪舟記念館

Caroline tells Ben about Sesshu Art.

Today, I went to the Sesshu Memorial museum. The museum has a lot of interesting art pieces created by Sesshu. There was also a nice rock garden that I could enjoy.  I learned that he travelled to China in the middle of the 15th century when he was 48 years old  He went there to study about the art of ink drawing.  When he came back from China, his ink drawing technique changed and he created some of his best pieces.  I also learned that he made two gardens in Masuda at Manpukuji and Ikoji temples.  I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Ben is looking at the Sesshu inspired stone garden at the museum.


art pieces
created by Sesshu
drawing technique
looking forward to

Caroline and Ben in front of the Sesshu Memorial Hall.


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