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#6 Children’s Day / 子供の日


The carp flags flying at Manyo Park.

Today, I learned about Children’s Day. In Japan, each family has a carp flag for each child. When the wind blows the carp flags look as if they are swimming in the wind. There is a legend that when carp swim upstream, they become a dragon. On Children’s Day, families eat special foods, such as kashiwa-mochi and chimaki. Children’s Day is part of the Golden Week holidays. Many Japanese people people take a trip during that week.  I love how beautiful the flags look in the wind!


Ben and Caroline next to the carp flags in Manyo Park.



flag  – 幟(ここではin this sentence)、旗
wind blows – 風にたなびく
legend – 言い伝え、伝説
upstream – 上流、逆う流れ
dragon – 龍
during that week  – その週を通じて


The carp flags flying in the wind. 


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