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#15 Tota Kakinomoto / 戸田柿本神社

The Tota Shrine Torii

The Tota Shrine Torii

Ben’s Diary
I went a small shrine that was the birthplace of Kakinomoto Hitomaro. I’ve realized that he’s very famous in Masuda!  I learned that the current priest is a distant relative of Hitomaro. He was brought up by his mother’s family, the Ayabe’s.  At first, the Ayabe family kept the shrine private, then it was opened to the public.  The wood carvings on the shrine were very beautiful, I took many pictures to send to my friends and family at home -Ben-

The wood carvings of Tota Kakinomoto Shrine.


Tota Kakinomoto Shrine

Tota Kakinomoto Shrine.

birthplace  – 生誕地
priest – 聖人
distant relative  – 脈々とした関連
wood carvings  – 木彫


Caroline and Ben are at Tota Kakinomot Shrine in Ono-cho near Masuda City.


#9 Nanao Mountain / 七尾山

The view of Masuda from Sumiyoshi Shrine on Nanao Mountain.

Today, I went to Nanao area.  Nanao area has many shrines and temples.  I learned that Masuda used to have a castle, but it was destroyed around 1600.   Caroline and I hiked up the mountain to the castle ruins, but only a few stones remain.  On our way down the mountain we stopped at Sumiyoshi Shrine to take pictures of the view.  Then we walked around the area and visited other temples and shops.  I think Nanao area is very traditional and charming.    -Ben-

Ben is looking out from Nanao Mountain.


destroyed  – (ここでは)廃城を云う

castle ruins – 城址

walked around the area  – 歩いて回った

charming  – 魅力


Ben and Caroline are talking about Nanao Mountain.



#1 Kakinomoto Shrine / 柿本神社

Caroline Meeting Ben at Hagi Iwami Airport.

Today, I went to Kakinomoto Shrine. It’s about 300 years old, but the history is longer. The first shrine was built on Kamoshima Island, near the end of the Masuda River. An earthquake struck the coast in 1026 and sank the island shrine, but the statue of Kakinomoto floated to a beach near Masuda and a shrine was built there. In 1681, the shrine and the statue was moved close to Takatsu River by Koremasa Kamei, the Lord of Tsuwano. Kakinomoto became the god of poems and had a power to avoid illness.
It was a very fun day. I’m going to enjoy Masuda very much. – Ben-

今日は柿本神社に行った。築300年の神社だが、歴史はもっと長い。最初の神社は。益田川河口近くの鴨島に建てられた。 1026年に地震が海岸を襲い、島の神社は沈んだが、柿本像は益田近くの海岸に流れ付き、そこに神社は建てられた。1681年、神社とその像は津和野藩主の亀井茲政により高津川近くに移された。柿本は、歌の神となり、病気除けの力も持つようになった。とても楽しい日だった。これからも沢山益田を楽しもう。ーベンー

  • end of the Masuda river 益田川河口
  • earthquake struck 地震が襲う
  • statue 像
  • floated 浮かぶ
  • beach 海岸
  • avoid illness 病気除け

Caroline and Ben at Hitomaro Shrine.


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