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#39 Yabusame / 流鏑馬

Today I watched yabusame, or horseback archery.  I learned that yabusame is over 800 years old! It dates back to the Kamakura period, when Minato no Yoritomo became worried about his samurai’s archery skills.  He made them practice yabusame to improve their skills. Nowadays very few places in Japan have yabusame events. Yabusame is sometimes at special festivals or ceremonies. Many people like to watch yabusame because it’s exciting to watch the archers move quickly and gracefully.
今日は流鏑馬を見物した。流鏑馬は800年前、鎌倉時代からの行事だと云うことを知りました。 源頼朝が武士の射手の技術を向上させる為に訓練として始めたと伝えられています。今日、日本では数カ所で流鏑馬の行事が行われていますし、時たま特別な行事で行われます。多くの人がその見物に来ます。本当に乗馬射手の早い動き、優雅さに魅了、エキサイテングだ。—Ben—
Kamakura period  – 鎌倉時代
worried  – 気を配る、心配する
ceremonies  – 式典、祝事
nowadays  – 今日では
gracefully  – 優雅に

The Yabusame track along Takatsu river.


#31 Takatsu River / 高津川

Takatsu River

Today we went to the Takatsu River, the most famous river in Masuda! It was selected as one of the cleanest rivers in all of Japan in 2011. When I went today, I could understand why it was selected! The water was so clear that I could see all the way to the bottom! We saw Japanese people fishing for ayu, I want to try some soon.  I would like to visit the starting point of the river in Yoshika, I was told that the drive to Yoshika is very pretty!  – Ben –

Caroline is putting her feet into the Takatsu River.



selected – 選ばれた、評価された
clear – きれい


#1 Kakinomoto Shrine / 柿本神社

Caroline Meeting Ben at Hagi Iwami Airport.

Today, I went to Kakinomoto Shrine. It’s about 300 years old, but the history is longer. The first shrine was built on Kamoshima Island, near the end of the Masuda River. An earthquake struck the coast in 1026 and sank the island shrine, but the statue of Kakinomoto floated to a beach near Masuda and a shrine was built there. In 1681, the shrine and the statue was moved close to Takatsu River by Koremasa Kamei, the Lord of Tsuwano. Kakinomoto became the god of poems and had a power to avoid illness.
It was a very fun day. I’m going to enjoy Masuda very much. – Ben-

今日は柿本神社に行った。築300年の神社だが、歴史はもっと長い。最初の神社は。益田川河口近くの鴨島に建てられた。 1026年に地震が海岸を襲い、島の神社は沈んだが、柿本像は益田近くの海岸に流れ付き、そこに神社は建てられた。1681年、神社とその像は津和野藩主の亀井茲政により高津川近くに移された。柿本は、歌の神となり、病気除けの力も持つようになった。とても楽しい日だった。これからも沢山益田を楽しもう。ーベンー

  • end of the Masuda river 益田川河口
  • earthquake struck 地震が襲う
  • statue 像
  • floated 浮かぶ
  • beach 海岸
  • avoid illness 病気除け

Caroline and Ben at Hitomaro Shrine.


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